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Binish Qureshi

Founder & Director

FJ Corporation Ltd.




Binish Qureshi is an entrepreneur and property development specialist in the United Kingdom. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, her family moved to England when Binish was three years old. She grew up attending private schools throughout London, which led her to study law at Middlesex University. After receiving her LLB Law degree, she worked in law for 6 months before realizing this was not her passion.

In 2011, Binish began to study the real estate market and property development. Soon after she decided to create her own real estate company, FJ Corporation Ltd. In the span of seven years, FJ Corporation has grown to a net worth of £27 million.

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Corporation Ltd.

Officially founded in 2011, FJ Corporation is a real estate company that acquires and develops commercial and residential assets for sale, leasing, and land development. It has followed a strategy of developing, renovating, and extending its assets. In doing so, FJ Corporation’s portfolio value has increased from £1.2 million to £15 million today. 

One of FJ Corporation’s first commercial assets was purchased in 2013. This was a 50,000 sq. ft., half-empty, commercial office space. Today, this property is worth 20 million +.